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With the unprecedented and never-ending growth of technology, the world is generating previously unimagined amounts of data. The need to collect, store, analyze, move, safely share, and properly use this data is an increasing challenge requiring resilient and sustainable energy resources.

This continual evolution of communication systems over the past few decades has led to the conclusion that nations who lead in communication system architecture, infrastructure, and applications will have an edge in economic leadership and national security. This has become apparent as we advance clean energy systems and 5G communications.

Given this, NIIT views leadership in next-generation communication systems and energy infrastructure as a top priority. NIIT engages stakeholders to:

Determine how to maintain leadership in infrastructure development and access to leading-edge products and the applications that will drive commercial markets into the future;

  • Ensure that, in partnership with allied nations and their capabilities, the U.S. can maintain critical access throughout the supply chain;

  • Look beyond today and shift the paradigm to accept the notion that communication and energy technologies are constantly evolving “beyond 5G”;

  • Lead the evolution of “next-generation communications” by continually striving to lead in innovation and the ability to leverage related advancements;

  • Focus on issues surrounding information security and the overall resiliency of operations.


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