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Bryan Sanchinell

Sr. Director, Workforce Products

Bryan Sanchinell is an accomplished workforce development professional with focused experience in learning development, organizational and change management. A 10+ year proven track record of launching, implementing, and evaluating programs to up-skill underrepresented communities and underemployed workers within an industry association, community-based organizations, and higher ed. Sectoral experience in Advanced Manufacturing, Design Tech, Transportation, Culinary Arts, and Office Services. Oversaw state-funded programs through DYCD in NYC and federal-funded programs through WIOA and H1B America’s Promise. Some accomplishments include being a Marano fellow for the Aspen Institute, receiving the Program of the Year award by the Continuing Education Association of New York, a fellow of JobsFIRSTNYC Young Adult Sectoral Employment Project, and facilitating a two-year multi-stakeholder process to become credit-bearing and a concentration for Kingsborough Community College.

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