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We identify roadblocks to innovation in strategic industry sectors and ensure they are eliminated 
Our Focus 
  • The development and expansion of the nation's talent pipeline 
  • Ensuring a secure and robust U.S. Supply Chain
  • Maintaining leadership in next generation communications infrastructure and applications 

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The National Leader in Semiconductor Talent Pipeline Development


Exclusive National USDOL Contract to Lead the Expansion of Registered Apprenticeships in Semiconductor/Nanotech Sectors

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NIIT helps veterans find careers in high-tech fields

HANOVER, Md., Jan. 30, 2023 --

Mike Ziobro spent four years in the Marine Corps as a light armored vehicle mechanic, but initially struggled to find his role in the civilian world.

“Becoming a civilian again can sometimes be tougher than it sounds,” said Ziobro, who was an E-5 when he transitioned to civilian life in 2010. He held a handful of different jobs, including bartending and being a licensed boat captain, but it wasn’t until he found the National Institute for Innovation and Technology’s apprenticeship program that he found a career he loved.


A Message from our President and CEO, Mike Russo

Solving the American Tech Talent Shortage

Apprenticeships offer the most promising way for us to foster tech skills among the population, with benefits for job seekers and businesses.


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The NIIT National Talent Hub

Connects Talent, Training and Careers in

Strategic Industry Sectors

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VetConnect & Veteran's

Fellowship Program


Developed to Serve Those Who Have Served

Apprenticeship Expansion Initiative

& GAINS Program


Brings the Power of Apprenticeship 

Training to Strategic Industry Sectors

R.E.A.L Robotics for Kids


Focused on the Future

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